We love our hounds and take great pride in them.

History of our hounds

The Bridlespur Hunt was founded with the inspiration, support, and assistance of the late, much loved gentleman and sportsman, Mr. August A. Busch, Sr. who obtained the original draft of hounds from the well-known Joseph B. Thomas-Percy Rockefeller pack at Overhills, North Carolina. They consisted entirely of American hounds, or, as better known, Virginia Hounds.

By careful breeding and observation, the two early guiding spirits of the Hunt, Mr. August A. Busch, Jr. and Mr. Adalbert vonGontard, Sr., developed a pack with excellent nose and voice. They began to hunt the area of west St. Louis County, with kennels on Squires Lane in Huntleigh. The Bridlespur hounds have gone out twice a week since that time, even during the war years of 1941-1946 when a great many hunts in this country were forced to cease all activities.

Through the years English Hound blood has been bred into the pack, developing an excellent "Crossbred" pack. Many hunts throughout the country have found it necessary to cross their "American" Hounds with "English", obtaining more hound control. This has become more important as the rural areas have developed and highways have appeared. The English hound is much more inclined to discipline and control, and crossbreeding has helped in this area without sacrificing the voice and drive of the American Hound.