The Huntsman


Huntsman of Bridlespur

Bridlespur Huntsman, Mackenzie Wertman

With a passion for the great outdoors and a love for equestrian pursuits, McKenzie Wertman (aka Mack), a dedicated fox hunter, huntsman, whipper-in, and accomplished equestrian, hails from Elverson, Pennsylvania. From his early days as a stable manager at Spring Meadow Horse Farm to his current role as huntsman for Bridlespur, Mack has demonstrated a deep understanding of both equine and hound care and welfare.

His journey in the world of horses and hunting has been marked by a profound commitment to the sport and a unique set of skills that extends beyond the traditional bounds of equestrianism. Mack’s involvement in fox hunting has been extensive, with notable roles as a huntsman and professional whipper-in at Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Hunt in Unionville, Pennsylvania. Over the years, he’s also served as a whipper-in for Gable/Swisher/Bellwood Hunt and Warwick Village Hounds. This rich experience has seen Mack actively involved in overseeing and managing hound care, kennel operations, breeding, whelping, and maintaining the health of the hounds.

In summary, Mack is a seasoned fox hunter, huntsman, and equestrian professional with a multifaceted skill set that spans farriery, equine care, and the intricacies of managing a successful hunt. His dedication to the well-being of horses, combined with his love for the outdoors and hunting traditions, underscores his unique and invaluable contributions to the equestrian community.